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Emmi offers a wide variety of specialty cheeses that appeal to the discerning tastes of cheese enthusiasts.

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BY Käserei Studer

  • Der Scharfe Maxx


    This semi-soft cheese is mild at first, followed by a beefy pungency and a sharp yet creamy finish. It ages five to six months.

  • Der Scharfe Maxx Extra


    Hard and slightly brittle, this cheese ages twice as long as der Scharfe Maxx.

  • Alter Schweizer


    Firm, dense and smooth, this table cheese offers a buttery taste and bread-like yeastiness.

  • Füürtüfel


    This tangy, sharp cheese features three kinds of chili peppers that are balanced by the mild and creamy base.

BY Käserei Oberegg

  • Nachtwächter


    The profile is spicy, and aromatic and along the rind and you can taste the musky fruitiness from the red wine wash.

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