How to Build a Holiday Cheeseboard

There’s just something so comforting about a cheeseboard at the center of your holiday gathering, filled with rich flavors and adorned with seasonal accompaniments. Plus, it’s the perfect way to easily satisfy family and friends while Thanksgiving or holiday meals take up space in your oven. As you gear up for this time of year, we’re here to offer suggestions for the best holiday cheeses and how to arrange them on a cheeseboard that friends with think you picked up from your local cheesemonger.

First and foremost, ALWAYS start by choosing your cheese. This time of year, we love to select an array of cheeses with deep, complex flavors that can stand up to red wines, strong spirits, and hearty accompaniments.

Our favorite cheeses for the holidays are Kaltbach cheeses from Switzerland. These cave-aged cheeses spend extra time in the 22 million-year-old Kaltbach Cave for a deep, complex flavor not found anywhere else in the world. Choose from traditional Kaltbach Cave-aged Le Gruyére AOP or Emmentaler AOP or new Kaltbach Le Crémeux, a creamy new alpine-style cheese from the cave with flavors so complex, yet mild you’ll spend the night eating the entire wedge.

Here’s a look inside the cave:

Next, choose seasonal pairings like figs, dates, cranberry jams, comforting crusty bread, cured meats, honey, olives and spiced pecans.

Finally, provide an array of red wines and dark or amber beer to bring out the flavors of the cheese.

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