Making Spirits Bright: Holiday Cheese + Cocktail Pairings

The holidays are the perfect time to pair Emmi cheeses with your favorite winter cocktails. Here are four of our favorite pairings for the season.

Emmi Appenzeller + Christmas Mule
Each wheel of Appenzeller is washed with a secret herbal brine infused with wine, cider and a mixture of herbs, blossoms, and other natural ingredients. All of which adds a complex flavor that connoisseurs desire. Appenzeller is noted for its nutty flavor combined with an herbal spiciness, and pairs perfectly with the ginger and fruit flavors in a Christmas Mule – everyone’s favorite spin on a Moscow Mule, made with cherry vodka. We love this version.

Kaltbach Le Gruyère AOP  + Hot Toddy
Cave-aged Kaltbach Le Gruyère AOP is aged for more than 1 year, making it robust and flavorful enough to stand up to a strong liquor like whiskey. The honey and cloves in a seasonal Hot Toddy add flavor balance and highlights the earthy nuttiness of the cheese. We used our favorite Bourbon Whiskey from our friends at Koval Distillery in Chicago.

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Emmi Emmentaler + Pomegranate Sparkler
Emmentaler has a nutty flavor with slight acidity and just a hint of herbs. In a Pomegranate Sparkler, brandy and sparkling wine balance each other to not overpower the cheese. It’s the perfect sparkling, yet sophisticated flavor combination.

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Emmi Le Gruyère AOP + Cranberry-Orange Punch
Le Gruyère AOP is as traditional as you grandmother’s Fizzy Cranberry-Orange Punch you’ve always wanted to ladle into a small plastic cup of your own during holiday celebrations. The cheese has a mild, yet complex flavor of fruit and spice that’s highlighted beautifully by the fizzy, sweet-tart flavor of the punch.

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