Summer Grilling Secret Ingredient: Raclette

Raclette cheese is here to transform your grilling this summer. Made for melting, Raclette will make your burgers, sausages, chicken and veggies anything but ordinary.

Grilling with Raclette: 2 Ways

  1. Place sliced Raclette over your grilled creations in the last minute of cooking to melt directly onto the food. Can’t get any easier than that!
  2. Melt Raclette over indirect heat in a tray or small skillet on the grill. When the cheese is melted, scrape over your dish as a finishing touch.

Recipes to Try

Try a new recipe or simply melt Raclette over your favorite summer classics. Either way, melted cheesy deliciousness is in your future!

Our raclette is available cut & wrapped at your grocer’s deli counter or cheese shop or in convenient pre-sliced packages. Find Emmi Raclette Slices near you


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