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The famed mountains of Switzerland provide a protected underground sandstone labyrinth known as the Kaltbach Caves. Only the best cheeses are selected for the Kaltbach Caves, arriving at the caves at around three months of age and spending another nine months in the sandstone caves’ unique conditions. Emmi’s master cheesemakers devote a great deal of time to cure the cheese to perfection.

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  • Le Gruyère AOP

    Emmi-Kaltbach-LeGruyere_Product_SmallAged for a minimum of 12 months, Kaltbach Le Gruyère AOP is recognized instantly by the color of its rind – an unmistakable rustic brown patina – and its flavor, which is just as distinctive. Compared with traditional Le Gruyère, the extended aging in its unique environment makes for complex, slightly more assertive flavors. The notes of dried stone fruit, spice, black tea and hazelnuts with an earthy depth will captivate your taste buds.

  • Emmentaler AOP

    Emmi-Kaltbach-Emmentaler_Product_SmallIts natural black rind comes from its maturing process in the sandstone cave in Kaltbach. Emmentaler AOP contains highly desired crunchy crystals and the occasional droplets of whey in the holes. These droplets are known as “tears of joy” and provide a sweet surprise when slicing into the cheese. The flavor is nutty, with a slight acidity and a hint of herbs. The texture is firm, with a smooth suppleness. Minimum age of 12 months.

  • Le Crémeux

    Emmi-Kaltbach-Le-CremeuxAged for a minimum of 120 days, Kaltbach Le Crémeux develops a unique, complex flavor in the Kaltbach caves. Sweet and unassuming at first, this semi-firm cheese keeps you coming back for another bite as the flavor and texture develops and becomes reminiscent of a soft cooked egg yolk in a bowl of ramen. It’s distinctive, special and classically Kaltbach.

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