Switzerland is a land of pastures that make up 70 percent of the agricultural area. The majority of Swiss farmers have fewer than 30 cows, which allows for intimate relationships between the farmer and his herd.


Since the early 1900s, Emmi has been a passionate supporter of farmers, cheesemakers and family tradition. We believe in sustainable agriculture and respect for the people, land and animals that make our business possible. Remaining dedicated to tradition, we strive to lead the industry in innovation ensuring we bring you only the highest quality, best-tasting cheese. Switzerland is a country that takes animal welfare very seriously. There are government programs in place to encourage animal-friendly enclosures and year-round access to open pasture. The majority of these farms have fewer than 30 cows. The use of GMO feeds is strictly prohibited. The farms are usually right up the road from the cheesemaker and the close relationship between the cheesemaker and the farmer is true testament to the local agri-business. Like all Swiss cheesemakers, Emmi adheres to strict production guidelines, quality controls and environmental directives.