Kaltbach Le Crémeux Cheeseboard

Kaltbach Le Crémeux is one of our favorite new cheeses. Le Crèmeux is a smear-ripened cheese produced exclusively at the Emmi cheese facility in Emmen and then aged for 4-5 months in the Kaltbach Cave. The 22 million-year-old Kaltbach Cave provides a distinctive setting for the cheese to age and develops a unique flavor unlike anywhere else in the world.

Kaltbach Le Crèmeux is a very approachable semi-soft cheese with a melt-in-your-mouth, custard-like consistency. You’ll taste a strong, caramelized butter flavor on the front and a hearty finish reminiscent of a chicken stock.

Due to its approachability, this mild, yet flavorful cheese, is perfect on a cheeseboard.

Pair with:

pomegranate seeds
wheat crackers
roasted or spiced nuts
caramel corn
white wine

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